Government of Punjab’s PAGREXCO scales up partnership with CropIn

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March 2020 –The Punjab Agri Export Corporation (PAGREXCO), a premier organization of the Punjab Government for agricultural export, has scaled up its partnership with CropIn to ensure the traceability and transparency of its organic produce using AI and ML technology. The scale up will further empower farmers to command a higher price and upsell their crops to domestic and international markets.

In July last year, PAGREXO partnered with CropIn to improve traceability of potato seeds, and after reaping the benefits of the smart solution, they have now decided to expand the scope of the partnership to an entire range of their organic produce. The implementation of CropIn’s solution on the field will impact over 13,000 acres of farmland in the first year and cover products like wheat flour, basmati, turmeric, jaggery, honey and dahlia for certification.

To improve traceability, CropIn is adding a specially designed QR code on the packets of organic produce which allows PAGREXCO to trace the farm and all its details. CropIn has also developed a new feature to issue digital Farmer Cards to all organic farmers associated with PAGREXCO, which serves as a unique identification of their organic farming status.

Speaking in delight about the partnership, CropIn Co-founder and COO, Kunal Prasad said, “Food consumption across the world is witnessing a noticeable shift towards organic produce. Being one of the largest exporters of Agri products in the world, Punjab is in a unique position to really capitalize on this shift. We are so grateful that this partnership will allow us to bring greater transparency and traceability into the ecosystem — enabling greater trust for consumers and better incomes for farmers.”


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