Krishna Shares His Vision on Growing Adoption of IoT in Farming

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September 2019- Krishna Kumar, Founder & CEO of CropIn participates in IoT for Digital India Conference held on July 31st, 2019 at Lalit Hotel, New Delhi. The event was co-organized by the Internet and Mobile Organization of India and Digital India with a mission to bring IoT innovations to light and propel towards a smart India. Krishna was a special invitee for the panel discussion on ‘Doubling Farmers’ Income with IoT’.

As farming is going through a stupendous technological transformation, the adoption of modern-based applications such as IoT in agriculture is gaining traction in recent times. IoT sensors-enabled smart farming systems are being built to monitor the crop fields and improve the agriculture ecosystem. IoT applications help agriculturists, food producers, and farmers to get real-time insights on weather conditions, soil moisture, water usage, or irrigation system, determine the optimal harvest time, and increase efficiency and yield.

CropIn helps the Agri stakeholders by aggregating data gathered from the sensors with high-speed data computing power and provides the output in an easy-to-use format through a mobile or web application. CropIn’s smart applications can be connected with these sensors through APIs to gather data on soil or moisture levels, temperature changes, or crop health. The data is further processed using the capabilities of Big Data Analytics, AI, and Machine Learning algorithms to provide actionable insights based on the accuracy of collected data.

The data points collected through IoT sensors are utilized to track the state of ongoing field activities. It helps to mitigate the risks associated with low crop yield and food waste when the yield is high. IoT in farming applications helps farmers/agribusinesses to stay competitive in the market by maintaining high standards and quality of crops.

“It’s a pleasure to attend IoT for Digital India Conference and take part in a panel discussion that adds a spotlight on growing investments in IoT-based smart farming practices. IoT in crop monitoring leads to a fantastic return on investment for farmers – through remote monitoring, data-driven decision making and resulting in higher yields, ” said Krishna Kumar

IoT investments in agriculture and other allied services will improve private and public infrastructure services, create more job opportunities, and aid in building a smarter India.



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