Kunal Prasad and Arjun Dutta at Sustainable Rice Conference, Thailand

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October 2019 — Kunal Prasad, COO & Co-founder of CropIn, and Arjun Datta, Director of Sales- SEA, participate in Sustainable Rice Platform’s 2nd Global Sustainable Rice Conference and Exhibition held on October 1-2, 2019 at UN Conference center, Bangkok, Thailand.

“CropIn is thrilled to participate in the conference to showcase SmartRisk- the latest AI product offering aimed at improving the loan disbursement process for agri-lending institutions, banks and insurance companies”, said Kunal Prasad 

At the event, Kunal presented a fabulous speech on ‘How Technologies like AI are Transforming Farms Today Globally’. He gave an overview on cutting-edge technologies like AI, Big Data, ML and Data Science that are transforming the face of traditional agriculture. He further expressed his views on the breakthrough impact of technology-driven agriculture solutions on the lives of farmers in terms of agricultural productivity and profitability.

Celebrating the success of 1st Global Sustainable Rice Conference held in 2017, SRP has launched the 2nd edition of the conference to strengthen the growing community of sustainable rice-producing stakeholders with a shared vision to revolutionize the rice sector globally. The event witnessed a huge sell-out crowd including some impact players in Agtech industry such as Bayer, BASF, Syngenta, Better Rice Initiative Asia and Buhler.

The event ended with a good note on building a sustainable future for all rice-producing sectors and tackling the challenges that refrain agriculture from becoming sustainable through technology-enabled solutions.


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