Kunal Prasad Gives A Tech Presentation at Global Agri Connect Conference 2019

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October 2019 — Kunal Prasad, Co-Founder and COO of CropIn presented a speech at Global Agri Connect 2019 organized by NSFI on October 22nd, 2019 at New Delhi. NSFI is a non-profit organization that works on improving farmer livelihoods through climate-smart agriculture, reducing poverty, motivating women livelihoods across the agriculture value chain. Every year NSFI organizes Global Agri Connect (GAC) conference to bring all proven innovations, entrepreneurs and stakeholders to one platform. GAC’19 is the 8th edition launched with the theme ‘Accelerating Investments in Climate-Smart Agriculture’ with the prime focus to deliberate on the most pressing issues confronted in agriculture. The researchers, policymakers and businesses all around the country gathered at the event to discuss how their innovations can be fine-tuned to solve present-day agriculture issues and achieve the desired outcomes. Being inspired by the mission to make every farm traceable, Kunal Prasad has deliberated on how a technology-driven solution can solve farmers’ problems that are multi-dimensional in nature. He further added a spotlight on CropIn’s intervention in enhancing the lives of poor farmers in districts of Bihar and Madhya Pradesh through a climate-smart agriculture model. “Our platform addresses the needs of today’s agriculture economy and we understand that building resilience to climate change is an urgent need of an hour. We also provide the necessary skill development and support rural youth to increase their adaptative capacity of climate change risks.” The conference highlighted on the key innovations in the agri space and its impact on the end-user (i.e., farmer/agribusiness) of the technology. Additionally, a report published by the Global Agri Connect website highlights the names of notable companies that are making long-lasting impacts on agriculture. CropIn is also named as one amongst those key innovators in this report. To read more, please click here: https://www.globalagriconnect.com/pdf/knowledge-reportgac19-climate-smart-technologies-innovations-an-end-users-perspective.pdf

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