"On a Journey to Digitise Every Farmer" - COO Kunal Prasad at TEDx IIMSirmaur

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April 2019 — Kunal Prasad, COO and Co-Founder of CropIn presented as a speaker at a TEDx event organised by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Sirmaur. This was an exclusive, invite-only event organised by students of the institution, which featured a wide range of eminent speakers from diverse industries. 

“It is a privilege for me to talk at TEDx IIMSirmaur about my journey with CropIn and our accomplishments in digitising farming business. With the rapidly changing circumstances in the agri industry, our journey was a roller-coaster ride plunging into Agritech — an off-beat industry”, said Kunal.

IIMSirmaur hosted the second edition of the TEDx event with a theme “The Journey”, which is again split into three different sessions ‘Dream’, ‘Invent’ and ‘Explore’. Kunal’s speech was featured in the ‘INVENT’ session, highlighting farmers’ pain points and how data tells the story of every crop, from farm to market. His talk on digitising farming and farmer’s precision needs has enthralled the audience and left a lasting remark in their minds. In particular, the story of CropIn team’s initial struggles and how they transformed a business model that hasn’t been experimented with before to a successful, globally-recognised venture inspired a lot of people. 

Watch the session here to see more of Kunal’s inspiring speech
References: http://tedxiimsirmaur.com/


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