Recolte 2019 - Annual Day Celebrations at CropIn

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December 2019 – CropIn celebrated 9 years of its presence in the AgTech sector. CropIn’s 9th-anniversary event ‘Recolte’ was held on 13th December 2019 at the Alt, VR Mall in Bengaluru to commemorate the special occasion.

The grand occasion kicked off with a welcome from the beloved CEO Krishna Kumar who also shared the success of CropIn over the years since its inception. Krishna threw light on the team’s unparalleled effort in laying a strong foundation towards achieving new business goals, reaching potential customers and lauded the team for its consistency in delivering company promises to its clients. He also shared CropIn’s expansion plans and the goals set for the future to come.

 Annual Day Celebrations at CropIn

This was then followed by an interactive, fun-filled session of competitive games curated by the lovely host. The evening progressed into a cultural extravaganza, where the talented bunch of CropInites showcased their talents and entertained the audience with high-energy filled cultural dance performances, soothing solo renditions of everyone’s favourite tunes, a kick-ass mashup performed by an in-house band and a showcase walk of the glam from the fashionistas, bringing out the diversity within.

The evening ended with a lovely roof-top dinner accompanied with some groovy DJ mixes, hosted by CropIn for its family, making it truly, a night to remember.


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