CropIn Shines In The UNDP Cultiv@te Innovation Challenge For Sustainable Agriculture

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May 2020 – CropIn has made it big in the UNDP ‘Cultiv@te’ Innovation Challenge Programme organised by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). CropIn is chosen amongst 55 teams that were selected for the final round of the challenge.

The challenge involved the teams to go through a stringent online interview session to present their innovative ideas to the UNDP team and their partners in the penultimate round, before the committee made its selection. CropIn will be working with the UNDP Team in implementing its solutions to boost agricultural productivity in the rainfed agriculture lands of the Philippines. CropIn will now work with the UNDP Cultiv@te team, partners and mentors to prepare for the country visit before implementation.

Kunal Prasad, COO, CropIn was quoted expressing his delight on the result, “This is great news indeed, and we are honoured to receive this accolade. The team at CropIn has consistently put in their best into developing solutions for a sustainable tomorrow. This is a great opportunity for us to impact the lives of the Filipino farmers and help boost productivity in the post-conflict lands of the Philippines. We look forward to the implementation and are confident about the positive outcome that we will be able to deliver through our solutions.”

The UNDP Global Centre for Technology, Innovation and Sustainable Development in partnership with the Government of Singapore, was formed to create and identify sustainable solutions for the developing world, focusing on sustainable finance, digitalisation and sustainable agriculture. The Global Centre curates partnerships, identifies solutions and connects partners and innovations with UNDP’s Global Policy Network and development partners.

The UNDP Cultiv@te Programme was launched on the 12th of November 2019 as part of the SWITCH x SFF festival held in Singapore. This global challenge attracted 674 participants from 114 nationalities and 202 submissions over a promotional period of 15 weeks.


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