Cropin Named 2024 Technology Pioneer by The World Economic Forum

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Bengaluru, June 11, 2024: Cropin Technology, the world's most advanced AI Platform for Food and Agriculture, has been recognized as a 2024 World Economic Forum (WEF) Technology Pioneer. The WEF Technology Pioneer community is composed of growth companies from around the world involved in the development and deployment of new technologies and innovations. Every year, The World Economic Forum selects 100 companies to work with society's foremost political, business, and cultural leaders to address issues facing people and the planet. The 2024 cohort of Technology Pioneers is a select group of 100 leading tech start-ups with the transformative potential and entrepreneurial spirit essential for shaping a better future. Applied AI and cutting-edge technology start-ups dominate this year's cohort, a testament to Cropin's position as the planet's most advanced AI Platform for Food & Agriculture. 

“We’re excited to have Cropin in the 2024 cohort of Technology Pioneers,” said Verena Kuhn, Head of Innovator Communities at the World Economic Forum. “With the current headwinds the global food systems are facing, it is imperative to transform our food systems without delay before it is too late. Companies such as Cropin and fellow pioneers are at the forefront of solving the world's most pressing challenges. We look forward to their contribution to the Forum’s work to tackle these global issues in the domain of Agriculture, Food & Beverage.”

Cropin is one of the early movers in AI within the agri-food industry, having pioneered AI and data science innovations custom-built and deployed for agriculture for over a decade. With a vision to build intelligence on every acre of the world's cultivable land, the company established the Cropin AI Labs team. This initiative led to numerous breakthrough innovations, such as mapping production trends for staple crops like rice, wheat, maize, and others at a country scale in various regions worldwide. Additionally, Cropin is developing a global food security decision intelligence platform in collaboration with AWS. Recently, the company announced the launch of ‘akṣara,’ the sector's first purpose-built open-source Micro Language Model (µ-LM) for climate-smart agriculture. This initiative aims to address the challenges faced by underserved farming communities in the Global South. 

Under the project code-named 'AI for Feeding the Planet,' Cropin is currently working on a host of innovations expected to transform the business models of agri-food companies, development agencies, and governments worldwide while empowering a new generation of AI-enabled farmers at the grassroots level. The 2024 cohort of Technology Pioneers focused on applying new breakthroughs in AI to develop clean energy solutions, healthcare innovation and progress in biotech, space, agriculture and neurotechnology. Companies, including Cropin, will contribute cutting-edge insights and expertise to the Forum’s global initiatives over the next two years and help scale their impact.

“This is a moment of pride for Cropinites, the harvest guardians who work relentlessly to transform the intelligence with which food is grown globally. For 14 years, we've been advancing digital innovation in agriculture, a traditionally low-tech field facing major challenges. Hunger persists in many countries, Food production and supply chains trouble agribusinesses and global food systems lack transparency and traceability. Climate change and human actions worsen the situation, making it harder for farmers to feed our growing population. These deep and critical challenges require solutions beyond the scope of just human interventions. Such recognition fuels our commitment to our mission, and we invite global agri-food businesses to join us in building a truly resilient 21st-century food system while mitigating risk for their own businesses.” said Krishna Kumar, Founder & CEO, Cropin.   

About the Forum
The World Economic Forum is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. The Forum engages the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. It was established in 1971 as a not-for-profit foundation headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. It is independent, impartial and not tied to any special interests.

About the Technology Pioneers
The Innovator Communities are a group of the world’s most promising start-ups and scale-ups at the forefront of technological and business model innovation. Comprising three sub-communities – the Technology Pioneers, Global Innovators and Unicorns – the Innovator Communities accompany start-ups along their growth journey. The World Economic Forum provides the sub-communities with a platform to engage with public- and private-sector leaders and to contribute new solutions to overcome current crises and build future resiliency. Companies invited to join the Innovator Communities will engage with one or more of the Forum’s centres, as relevant, to help define the global agenda on critical issues. 

About Cropin
Founded in 2010, Cropin is the world’s most advanced AI Platform for Food and Agriculture. Cropin Cloud, the company’s flagship platform and the world’s first industry cloud for agriculture, empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions that enhance farming efficiency, productivity, and sustainability through digital technologies and predictive intelligence. Cropin is not merely a participant in the 'Ag-intelligence' movement; we are spearheading it through strategic partnerships with over 250 B2B customers. Cropin has digitized 30 million acres of farmlands, positively impacting over 7 million farmers worldwide. Our crop knowledge graph, spanning 350 crops and 10,000 varieties in 103 countries, powers the Cropin Cloud in providing predictive intelligence for over 200 million acres of farmland globally. Cropin is at the forefront of uniting agribusinesses, development agencies, international organizations, and governments in leveraging Agtech systems to transform global food systems and attain climate goals.

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