AI and ML Powered Platform for Risk Mitigation and Forecasting Intelligence

The Value Proposition

SmartRisk is a Predictive and Prescriptive Solution for Risk Monitoring, Mitigation and Forecasting Intelligence. The AI and Machine-learning based platform detects cropping patterns and predicts the future of the crop, thus highlighting the associated risk and opportunity for agri-stakeholders. The businesses can achieve farm-level crop detection and yield prediction through the SmartRisk capabilities that can also establish historical performance of every pixel at farm/postcode/state/country level by utilizing easy-to-use Connector APIs.

The agri stakeholders can improve the loan collection process, optimize the loan disbursement process, preemptively assess NPA, perform crop growth analysis to monitor risk in real time and expand lending portfolios to new regions with higher confidence.

Smartrisk Offerings


For Banks, NBFCs and Microfinance Institutions

  • Agricultural Credit Risk Assessment By Region
  • Optimization of Loan Disbursement Process
  • Loan Delinquency Management
  • NPA Management and Timely Collection
  • Ag-alternate Data for Loan Underwriting
  • Water Stress & Drought Assessment


For Insurance companies and Government Bodies

  • Ag-alternate data for Insurance Underwriting & Risk Monitoring
  • Customize Crop Insurance Products and Schemes
  • Conduct Crop Cutting Experiments (CCE)
  • Yield Index Monitoring

Trading and Risk Hedging

For Commodity Traders & Sourcing Managers

  • Crop Detection and Acreage Distribution Analysis
  • Crop Health and Crop Growth Analysis
  • Forecast Crop Failure and Weather Associated Risks
  • Regional/Farm Level Crop Yield Index Monitoring

Case Study


Case Study

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