In Focus: Celebrating the Female Power at Cropin


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A world free of bias, stereotypes, or discrimination is a world that is united and that much stronger. The United Nations recognizes that gender equality is a critical factor in achieving a sustainable future.

At Cropin, we aspire to empower women through technology, innovation, and sustainability to achieve social change within the workplace and in our communities. We build an inclusive culture where women thrive and their achievements are celebrated. We cheer for the women forging change in the technology space, to shape the future for a more human-centered, prosperous world.

Read on to know what the fabulous women of Cropin have to share!

Manasi Kelkar - Human Resourcesmanasi_r2

For me, equality is all about being heard, feeling understood, and having the opportunity to make an impact. At Cropin, I feel honored to be able to work alongside courageous and dynamic women and men who care for each other as well as the community they live in. That our products touch the lives of many women in the agriculture sector across the globe empowering them and enhancing their livelihoods is the icing on the cake.


Rekha Mishra - Customer Success image (2)

A strong woman knows she has strength enough for the journey but a woman of strength knows, it is the journey where she will become strong.

So, all the lovely ladies in the Cropin, utilize each day to make yourself strong and let the world know that you are not less than anyone. Cheers!





Sadiyah Zaheer - Company Secretary and Legal Counselsadiyah_r2

The best thing about Cropin is the freedom to explore, learn, and try new opportunities. It has been an amazing journey here with unconditional support and encouragement from everyone, shown through actions more than words. Working in an environment where everyone is open to listen, accommodate and support in true spirit is rare and special. To all the folks at Cropin - thank you for motivating and inspiring me each day.

Adilakshmi Vadavalli - Data Science


The leadership team of Cropin is aligned towards having a road map for employees based on their interests and actively promotes women empowerment. For someone from an academic background with a consistent passion for teaching, I was presented with the unique opportunity to play the hybrid role of “Learning & Development officer“ in addition to the primary responsibility of “Associate Data Scientist”. Cropin also encouraged my keen interest in AWS technology and recently entrusted me with the responsibility of being an AWS Gatekeeper for my team. Also, I am very grateful that I could restart my career with Cropin after taking a break to focus on my family.

I thank all my fellow team members for the consistent support given to me.

Radhika Subramanian - Finance


As a woman professional, both work and family are important to me and I do not wish to choose one over the other. At Cropin, I have the privilege to work with an understanding Leadership and accommodating colleagues who have all provided the support I needed to help me achieve a great work-life balance.

Cropin is a mix of start-up culture and a company that is gearing up for exponential growth, so I enjoy the opportunity of working with friendly yet driven and passionate colleagues who never cease to inspire me every day. In the three years I spent working at Cropin, I have been given multiple responsibilities within finance and empowered to make decisions and suggestions, which make me feel included and heard.

Here’s to strong women - May we know them; May we be them; May we raise them. Happy Women’s Day!

Pragati Shah - Product Marketing


As a techie from a multicultural background, I have been fortunate in my life and career to have exceptional role models and women who have supported me professionally and personally. They not only mentored me but also inspired me to believe in myself.

Being a part of Cropin is being part of something big. Cropin has given me the opportunity to thrive in my career and achieve unconventional ambitions, breaking down barriers for women in leadership.

#CropinWomen are some of the most passionate, driven, supportive individuals I have had the pleasure to work with. People from diverse backgrounds bring together their unique talents and create an amazing culture. Besides work, everyone is so talented. You never know if you are working with an actress who is heading Accounts or a classical dancer leading tech. Everyone is just inspiring.

Divya Soman - Software Developmentdivya_r2

The kind of responsibility and ownership I have been entrusted with is always a great example of how Cropin ensures equal opportunities and undiscriminating professional growth for women and men alike.

It makes me extremely proud to feel that In the past three years, I have grown alongside Cropin and so have my ambitions. Cropin definitely is a trailblazer for how a workplace should be and for me, Cropin feels Like home.

Cheers to all the ambitious women around me, may we reach greater heights.

Happy women's day. :)

Lynn Glenda Pinto - Account Managementlynn_r2

Cropin is always striving towards a sustainable future. Being called a Cropinite makes me very proud of the fact that I am in some way contributing to the sustenance of the most important and oldest professions of all. A pioneer in the agtech space, Cropin has a very open work culture with supportive professionals who share their vision and ideas and jump on the bandwagon to help realize these challenges. What really pleases me is that for every ambitious person in the organization, there are several others who will share that vision and support to bring it to fruition.

Kudos to all the women I work with at Cropin and those who are always balancing the act.

Harini HM - Tech Opsharini_r2

From a Germinating Seed to developing strong Roots;
Budding Growth to a branching out Tree;
Cropin Territory is no wonder a flourishing farm to achieve a Fertile Harvest!

Few words describing #CropinWomen: Helpful, Caring, Sharing, Loving, Passionate, Aspirational, Dignified, Challenging, Never tiring, Ever-energetic All-rounders. And I am proud to be one of the Gems in this Crown.

Happy Women's Day to all the classy beautiful souls, lovely mothers, sweetest sisters, darlings of hearts, and little princesses!

With an Overwhelming Magnificent Attitude, carry yourself Now, then, and forever!

Devyani Baghel - Pre-Sales & Solutionsdevyani_r2

Cropin is transforming billions of lives and nurturing a better tomorrow with a global ag-ecosystem intelligence platform. The organization's aim to digitally empower the agriculture ecosystem and narrow the digital divide, particularly the gender gap, lays out the value and culture Cropin holds in high regard. Being a part of such a vision and contributing toward it is definitely an opportunity that I am grateful for.

At Cropin, I have felt inclusive from day one. I was trusted with various responsibilities and given equal opportunities to perform and excel. My favorite part of working here is that you get an opportunity to work and learn new things every day!

To all the women at Cropin - you motivate and inspire me every day with all the work you do.

Sravanti Polaki - Software TestingSravanti_r2

There is no magic to achieve anything. It’s all about hard work, choices, and persistence. When I was struggling for an opportunity to kickstart my career and prove myself as an independent woman, I found a way to pursue my aspirations in Cropin and I haven’t looked back since.

Cropin encouraged my professional and personal growth and now my parents and family are proud of my success. I strongly believe that to become a successful, independent woman, you just need strong willpower and confidence.

Cropin, no doubt, has given opportunities to many like me to achieve their goals to become successful in careers. Always believe in woman empowerment. On this special day, I wish all the strong and beautiful women, “A Very Happy International Women’s Day”.

Pallavi Kanak - Customer SuccessPallavi_r2

“A strong woman knows she has strength enough for the journey, but a woman of strength knows that it is in the journey where she will become strong, regardless of where she is placed in life. “

I would rather regret the risks that didn't work out than the chances that I didn't take. And I am happy that my patience has paid off well as I have made a bond for a lifetime at Cropin while engaging with people in my professional and personal journey in life.


Tasleem Banu - Tech OpsTasleem_r2

I am tough, I am ambitious, and I know what I want. I am proud of the woman I am today because of Cropin; it helped me achieve personally and professionally. Kudos to the strong women here who have excelled.

Happy Women's Day to all the WonderWomen!



Lakshmi Ramaprasad - ProductLakshmi_r2

It's been a little more than a year at Cropin and never has there been a day when I have felt that my voice, opinion, or skills have gone unnoticed. Being valued and appreciated by my colleagues allows me to do my best every day. I joined Cropin during Covid times (work from home only), after working as a freelancer for almost 6 years. Yet, the transition to a full-time job has been very effortless for me. The work culture here at Cropin is informal, friendly, supportive, and yet very professional. I look forward to learning and growing in the years to come!


Our biggest and loudest cheers for our Smart, Unique, Beautiful, and Strong women here at Cropin!

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