The Revolutionary Power of Cropin Intelligent Agriculture Cloud is Now Available in Private Preview


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Cropin Cloud is the world's very first purpose-built industry cloud platform for agriculture. Its design delivers unprecedented collective capabilities to every stakeholder in the agriculture ecosystem.

Cropin Cloud is a multi-tenant, AI-enabled agile agricultural intelligence & management platform that's:

  • Simple
  • Secure
  • Scalable

These unique and pioneering solutions are fine-tuned and tailored — through IoT, automation, & AI — to work seamlessly across diverse crops, crop varieties and geographies to solve real problems and deliver value to every stakeholder in the food value chain — from the farmer to the consumer.

The principal strength and primary advantage of Cropin Cloud are also its greatest feature — how it brings together — multiple solutions across applications for digitization, data pipelines for enhancing analytics and unified access to machine learning models.

It effortlessly allows a host of agri-businesses, development agencies, governments and allied industries like insurance and banking that enable agriculture across the globe to accelerate digital transformation across their business and ecosystem value chains.

Agriculture’s pressing need for a powerful, coherent & fully-armed industry cloud

The application, deployment, and effective management of technology in agriculture is, to put it simply, quite complex.

It needs specialized expertise in multiple areas like agriculture, earth observation, data and AI sciences. Crops are copiously diversified, and the digital solutions required to monitor them need fine-tuning.

The global AgTech ecosystem is, as you'd expect, gigantic in depth and breadth.

Oddly, despite open innovation, a growing open-source culture, and a growing movement toward collaborative convergence, the tools required to capture and share data coherently - & build collective intelligence, seamlessly - are sorely missing.

Solving everyday problems still takes considerable time and human effort.

Given the advancements in cloud computing, remote sensing data and machine learning algorithms, Cropin Cloud is a timely and welcome launch to help the agriculture industry tackle these challenges and unlock new possibilities.


Cropin builds the world's first Industry cloud for intelligent agriculture

Cropin Cloud has been designed and engineered as one integrated cloud composed of common but complex building blocks.

It will help deliver immediate and exponential value — through a significant reduction in the barriers to leveraging innovation for anyone across the agriculture ecosystem — by bringing together capabilities that can solve significant challenges.

The Cropin Agriculture Cloud is designed with the express purpose of easily enabling our clients, partners, & transformative projects with the collective - and actionable - intelligence & insights they need in order to achieve (through specificity, speed, and agility) what was not possible before. Well, at least not possible on this scale in the agriculture industry.

The making of Cropin Cloud

We began this journey by studying, learning and structuring data generated by the complex global agri-ecosystem. Growing practices mapped to different agro-climatic zones for different crop varieties helped us build the world's most extensive Crop Knowledge Graph.

Through years of rigorous fine-tuning, our solutions can now identify and inform how different crops and crop varieties behave in different environments as well as climatic conditions, accounting for the niche variations observed through varied operational and functional practices.

The edge in our solutions comes from the unparalleled experience & expertise gathered from over 500+ Crops and 10,000+ Crop Varieties, grown in fields of all shapes & sizes, across 92 countries, all monitored and managed remotely via Cropin solutions. These numbers keep growing every day as we continue to add and manage new crops, new geographies or solve new crop challenges faced by the agriculture industry.

We built products that enable our customers to digitize their farming practices, while also allowing multiple data sources to connect with farm data - all unified - in order to generate more intelligent and actionable insight. We unified disparate data sources across the farming process journey, allowing agri-industry players to derive and act on critical agri-intelligence. We built a single, holistic view of the opportunities as well as the risks to those opportunities - across the crop value chain - which, for most of our clients, often involves a global operational overview.

Our experience has proven that data and AI can enable the industry to understand complex ecosystems and business value chains, minimize risks better, maximize revenue, and optimize operational costs by making the management of every farm asset traceable, predictable, and most importantly - sustainable - in a connected agriculture ecosystem.

Agriculture and allied businesses, like those involved with Agri-finance and crop insurance, can now leverage our platform to build sustainable solutions across the agriculture value-chain, in order to provide more relevant and streamlined experiences for their growers, field managers, risk managers, as well as any other customer or indirect consumers of their service.


Cropin Cloud Enables

Ecosystems | Partners | Products | Customers


Connect | Integrate | Embed | Extend

Their core value proposition efficiently and at a global scale through a powerful array of ag-solutions for farm management, agri-advisory, crop health monitoring, irrigation planning and surveillance, disease early warning systems, research, financing, risk/insurance, trading, pricing, yield optimisation, supply chain operations efficiency, sustainability, traceability, and much more.

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The Cropin Intelligent Agriculture Platform approach to futuristic & future-resilient farming

Cropin Cloud delivers a scalable operational agri-intelligence stack that comprises of a powerful triad.

Cropin cloud AgIntel Stack 03

An Application Platform - Cropin Apps

Enabling the digital transformation of the complex collective human effort-intensive in-field operations such as farm monitoring, data management, location scouting and farmer engagement.

Cropin Cloud AgIntel Stack 02

A Data Integration Platform - Cropin Data Hub

Enabling the easy management of, & access to, raw and processed incoming data pipelines for structured as well as unstructured agri-data from the field via apps, IoT devices, mechanization data, weather, remote sensing data from satellites and other data sources. It does so through a common object model, helping cut down data engineering effort by up to 80% for organizations and enterprises that need to build similar data integrations for intelligent insights on their own.

Cropin AgIntel Stack 01

An Insights Platform - Cropin Intelligence

Enabling dynamic decision-making both on and off the field through the actionable insights generated by mature Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning models to decipher & deliver critical intelligence.

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1. Cropin Apps that enable digital transformation at scale

The application platform comprises an integrated portfolio of mobile apps & web solutions.

They enable the digitization of complex agricultural processes & workflows that span the complete lifecycle of a Seed from the farm, to a warehouse, all the way up to the fork. They're particularly adept at streamlining farm data management and the plethora of complex operations involved during seed production, seeds strain tracking & trialling across generations, crop protection and nutrition development - both on & off the field - for row crops, horticulture and plantations.

Hundreds of customers have deployed these solutions across crops and geographic locations for farm operation management and verifiable enforcement of the application of package of practices.

They're able to easily - and scalably - manage farmer enablement and business engagement with farmers. They can also engage with every one of the important actors in agricultural food production operations or agri output inventory management, supply chain monitoring and visibility, as well as farm-to-fork traceability, all on the same application platform or interface of their choice. They are capable of powering an enterprise's global digital transformation efforts while enabling the localization needs of their regional teams and operations.

These integrable applications & solutions accelerate digital transformation for agri-ecosystem players in contract farming, food processing companies, agri-input providers (seeds, agrochemicals, machinery, and implements), commodity traders, and agri-lending and insurance companies globally.

How does the Cropin Cloud application platform work?

  • The applications and solutions fit the diverse needs of every agri-industry.
  • These apps are available as independent subscriptions, but also work together seamlessly - helping customers drive exponential value and ROI for their businesses across the globe.
  • Businesses can choose solutions on this platform as well as configure and localize them based on their current operations.
  • The platform enables these applications to integrate with other farming management and monitoring solutions.
  • The design and program workflow helps build crop and location-agnostic programs for digitizing and managing global agri-operations.
  • The Cropin Application Platform supports capturing a broad spectrum of data types, including location, images/videos, and spatiotemporal feeds.
  • The integrated communication systems enable system-generated events and on-demand two-way communication between processes & personnel working both in the field and beyond the confines of a farm.
  • It provides access to real-time farm data management dashboards and on-demand reports to monitor, measure and take actions.


2. Cropin Data Hub delivers the power of unified data

A critical challenge for the Agriculture industry has been the effective & efficient management of the volume and variety of relevant farming management and advisory data sources, both on & and off the field. The Cropin Data Hub addresses this by structuring agri-data through an agri-object model.

The Cropin Data Hub enables interfacing with all agri-data sources such as in-field farm management apps, IoT devices and drones, mechanization data from farming equipment, remote sensing satellite information, weather advisory sources, and so on.

Through Cropin’s agri-data model, the data is structured across the various agri-entities, enabling correlation with the data acquired from multiple sources and enhancing the generation of farming insights by combining field data and remote sensing intelligence.

The Cropin Data Hub also has pre-built advanced data frameworks that are designed to solve the most commonly occurring & constantly challenging problems that occur in agriculture remote monitoring such as cloud-free satellite imagery, boundary-detection of farm plots, segmentation of land use, and so on.

It enables the combination of enterprise, agronomy, & remote field data with Cropin’s Crop Intelligence models and datasets to surface significant insights and value for business, while sparing the need to expend critical resources on re-inventing the wheel.

How does the Cropin Cloud data platform work?

  • Capture and structure agri-data across diversified sources using Cropin’s agri-data models.
  • Leverage Cropin’s data source agnostic satellite, weather, and IoT data to power existing business intelligence and reporting suites for enterprises.
  • Power internal analytics engines & developer platforms such as Jupyter Notebooks with the Data Hub.
  • Democratize machine learning across organizations and collaborative teams involving developers, data scientists, and subject matter experts.
  • Access clean, normalized, and contextualized data on any area of interest via a simple Rest API or a Python Library.
  • Get immediate, relevant results with powerful query and search capabilities when you need them.


3. Cropin Intelligence enables access to context-aware ag-intelligence

Cropin has built several contextual deep-learning models to solve diverse challenges that agri-stakeholders face during day-to-day operations.

We have 22 AI models that give you a head-start — crop detection, yield estimation, irrigation scheduling, pest and disease prediction, nitrogen uptake, water stress detection, harvest date estimation, change detection, and plot score, among others.

Built using the world's most extensive crop knowledge graph, these models have been field-tested and deployed worldwide. These fine-tuned machine learning models for specific crop varieties, conditions, and locations also provide a powerful backbone to accelerate the development of any existing proprietary models.

Combining the intelligence from these models with additional datasets delivers additional business insights that can be tailored for bespoke requirements. For example, coupling the output from Crop Detection and Yield models with the previous seasons' pricing data can predict the price for the current season.

You can also build customized visualization layers on top of these insights. For instance, you can plot the Yield along with parameters like Fertilizer Application and Seeding Density to visualize the impact of inputs on the yields.

At Cropin AI Labs, we are committed to designing and enhancing new models that are ahead of the curve in solving complex agriculture challenges with predictive intelligence. Our constant endeavor is to help you unlock value by using powerful algorithms that bring together Agriscience, AI Research, and Earth Observation Data.

How does the Cropin Intelligence platform work?

  • Cropin Cloud hosts trillions of certified on-field data sets to power contextual machine learning models.
  • Cropin Cloud also incorporates ever-increasing agronomy from field data, with nearly 12.2 million new data sets added every month.
  • It presents the contextual convergence of agri-science, data science, and earth observation science for the most reliable predictive insights.
  • Leverage 22 AI contextual deep-learning models to solve diverse challenges during day-to-day operations.
  • Combine insights from these models with other datasets to derive additional business insights as needed.
  • Benefit from transfer learning to scale across crop varieties, conditions, and regions.


The Cropin Cloud edge — real, real-time, & relevant agri-intelligence for rapid advantage

Regardless of the size of your operation, you can leverage Cropin Cloud. Because it is fungible, you can plug into any of the three layers in the Cropin Cloud platform architecture and quickly reap the benefits. Here are three universal scenarios that exemplify the extreme accessibility and utility of Cropin Cloud.

Phase 1 - Rapid digital transformation for agricultural operations management

You are in early stages of your digitization and are looking towards digital transformation of your farming practices.

In this case you can leverage the Cropin Cloud Platform across all three layers.

  1. You can start by utilizing Cropin Grow - the Integrated & Scalable Farm Management App - to digitize in-field practices as well as monitor & guide any operations off the field as well.
  2. You can use Cropin Connect - the Fully-loaded Farmer Engagement App - for enhanced farmer engagement, while enabling farmers to increase the per acre yield & value of harvests.
  3. You can use Cropin Trace - the Complete Traceability App - for managing post harvest supply chain efficiency as well as farm to fork traceability, enabling better safety & procedural compliance while also meeting more stringent "responsible sourcing" consumer expectations.

Once aboard the Cropin Apps platform, the agri data captured is automatically structured and made available in the Data Hub. In addition to the app data, you can leverage Cropin Data Hub APIs to share and structure IOT and any other farm mechanization data.

These data sets collected on the field via Cropin’s apps, together with IOT, mechanization, weather data, and remote sensing satellite feeds for a digitized plot, enables you to derive field insights and remote intelligence together, which empowers you to correlate and make better data-driven decisions.

Phase 2 - Rapid data-driven insights for agricultural operations optimization

You already have few applications and tools on the field to capture field data and you need to scale your operations with the help of additional agri intelligence to improve field operations.

In this case you can leverage the Cropin Cloud Platform across the Data Hub & Intelligence layers.

  1. The Cropin Cloud platform enables you to plug in data from your tools and apps to the Cropin Data Hub and structures your agri data. It provides interfaces to collect and process IoT and mechanization data from the field, which can augment your digitized field app data.
  2. The Cropin Intelligence platform takes this structured field data from the Data Hub (published from your agri apps) as well as the IoT and mechanization data from a field, combining the sets with remote sensing satellite and weather data from your fields/region.
  3. That, coupled with the 22 mature AI/ML crop & environmental monitoring models, can then provide predictive agri intelligence.
  4. You can leverage APIs to interface with the Cropin Cloud Intelligence Platform to fetch the intelligence generated through these predictive models and disperse them as insights into an existing information & actionability-driven agri apps infrastructure or dashboards of your choice.

This enables you to quickly plug in your existing apps without the need to re-train your field agents and farmers in the use of new or complex farming management solutions, while leveraging the 12+ years of expertise that Cropin developed in agri-data structuring & analytics as well as rationalising satellite remote sensing data, in order to deliver the AI-enhanced operational & business intelligence back within your apps.

Phase 3 - Rapid intelligence insights for smart agricultural analytics

You already have mature farming digitization solutions and are now actively looking at building your own comprehensive data analytics functionality.

In this case, you can directly leverage the Cropin Intelligence Platform and Cropin Cloud Data Hub Platform within the collective Cropin Intelligent Agriculture Cloud Platform.

  1. You can plug your digitized agriculture data, IoT and mechanization data into the Data Hub. The Cropin Data Hub has structured and pre-processed remote sensing satellite data, solving for cloud cover, cumulated for better resolution across multiple satellites, with periodic and frequent data (daily/weekly) and curated weather info.
  2. You can utilize these automated satellite data ingest pipelines to plug in and power existing data models. You can also leverage Cropin’s AI models to power and feed the models you are building.
  3. You can, for instance, utilize the Land Cover and Boundary Detection models to detect the boundary of your fields and execute your models within this scope. You can choose to run any of the 22 available AI models and bring them into your existing applications as a widget for reporting, visualization or analytics.

This ease of integration through APIs can significantly reduce the time and effort that an enterprise and its data science teams need in order to build bespoke data analytics to just a few conversations and clicks - by leveraging the data and intelligence Cropin has built over the years.

Data engineers and data scientists can use pre-processed and Machine Learning ready data ingest pipelines — as well as powerful tools like Jupyter notebooks — to build models faster, cutting down the time it takes for data preparation & the generation of better business insights.


The business value of Cropin’s Intelligent Agriculture Cloud

All our customers & partners can help significantly scale adoption, build a symbiotic relationship, and also create a more level playing field for every value chain participant that’s a part of their growth story.

Any organization that’s on the Cropin Intelligent Agriculture Cloud can:

  • Accelerate digital transformation initiatives throughout global parent organizations, while giving the power of choice to external customer organizations based on where they are in their own digitization transformation journey.
  • Optimize technology investments and efforts while stitching together existing agri-technologies, point solutions, or legacy enterprise systems.
  • Improve ease of operations and efficiency through a unified global platform for scouting, agronomic advisory, as well as all farm and in-field data collection.
  • Break down information silos across divisions, functions, regions, and growers by democratizing access to data throughout an organization — and beyond — for better decisions and quicker outcomes.
  • Accelerate innovation and new product development by enabling researchers and data scientists with ready-to-use ML-ready data pipelines.

Cropin Cloud is available in an "early access" plan as part of a private preview for select customers & partners.

We already have a growing number of customers that leverage Cropin Cloud to power their business with Cropin’s Ag Intelligence and years of expertise.


Schedule a quick call with us today to explore how you can transform your business with Cropin’s Intelligent Agriculture Cloud!


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Cropin Apps

Applications for

Cropin Apps is an integrated portfolio of highly customizable apps and solutions that capture and digitise agri-data from the farm to the warehouse to the fork. These applications are designed to scale digital transformation across agriculture and allied industries including forestry, commodity, banking and insurance.


ML-ready data pipelines for enhanced analytics

Cropin Data Hub is designed to deliver the power of unified data by enabling interfacing with all agri-data sources from on-the-field farm management apps, IoT devices, mechanization data from farming resources, drones in agriculture, remote sensing satellite information, weather data, and many more.                                                      


Access to field-tested machine learning models

Cropin Intelligence enables access to over 22 of Cropin’s contextual deep-learning AI models to help agri-businesses with insights and predictive intelligence. Built using the world's largest crop knowledge graph, these models have been field-tested and deployed worldwide while being fine-tuned to work with a range of specific crop varieties, conditions, and locations.

Vijay Nelson

About the Author

Vijay Nelson is the Chief Product Officer at Cropin, the Agritech pioneer who has built the world's first purpose-built industry cloud for Agriculture - Cropin Cloud. He has two decades of experience in product conceptualization and E2E product development for businesses and consumers, bootstrapping new product teams, building product strategies for new businesses, cross-functional team leadership, people management, and software development.