CropIn Showcases SmartRisk at the World Agri-Tech Summit 2019 in London

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October 2019 — CropIn is delighted to have co-sponsored the World Agritech Summit 2019, an international event connecting global agribusinesses, entrepreneurs and investors, in London on October 15 and 16th 2019. The event attracted CIOs, CEOs, CXOs and professionals in Agtech industry to lead conversations around new innovations in agriculture technology, growing adoption of sustainable smart farming practices and advanced technologies like AI, ML, predictability and traceability. The event also witnessed expert talks and panel discussions led by thought leaders of the industry.

Kunal Prasad, COO & Co-founder of CropIn addressed the participants at the Summit with his speech on “Digital Frontiers: Integrating Digital Tools for Smarter Field Systems”, which was followed by an engaging Networking Roundtable on “Traceability and Remote Sensing: Managing Risk In Agriculture Supply Chains”, hosted by Aakash Parekh, VP of Sales (Europe & Asia).

As the event’s Networking Reception Partner, CropIn hosted industry leaders and professionals, providing them with an opportunity to network and share insights on recent innovations in AI for agriculture. Krishna Kumar, Founder & CEO of CropIn showcased CropIn’s new product offering SmartRisk — an AI & ML powered risk mitigation and forecasting intelligence solution for the agri-lending, agri-insurance, sourcing, procurement and commodity trading.

The event was met with great success, and highlighted the rapid growth of technological innovations in the agricultural sector. CropIn is honoured to co-sponsor the Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Week, to be held from November 20th to 22nd in Singapore. The summit is an international networking event which will explore the latest innovations and market opportunities in the agri-food supply chain across South-East Asia, India and China.


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