Krishna Kumar meets Bill Gates, Discusses Nuances in AgTech

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November 2019 – Krishna Kumar, CEO and Founder of CropIn, interacted with the American business magnate and Co-Founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates at Bengaluru.

Krishna was part of the select group who got an opportunity to have a conversation with Mr. Gates and share the latest advancements in their respective innovations. Krishna discussed the agricultural challenges of smallholder farmers and presented CropIn’s vision & its work on how SmartRisk (CropIn’s AI-based solution) will empower the future of Farming, Agri-lending, Insurance, Input Sales, Sourcing and Procurement. Mr. Gates lauded CropIn for its consistent accomplishments in the AgTech sector and gave some of his treasurable insights on the fin-tech sector.

Speaking of his interaction, Krishna said he was “absolutely delighted and honoured to have met the business great, and it was one of the greatest moments” in his entrepreneurial career. He also added that they discussed the future of digital farming in India and CropIn’s vision towards the cause.

CropIn raised a series B funding from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Strategic Investment Funds in 2018. The foundation invested in the AgTech company to potentially help millions of farmers gain access to ground-breaking technology that helps normalise smart agriculture across the world. CropIn was one of the few Indian companies that caught Bill Gates’ attention with its ground-breaking innovation in the AgTech industry.

Cropin’s CEO Meets Bill Gates



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