Smart Farm Casestudy - Awba
  • 56,228plots digitized

  • 48,604farmers impacted

  • 7,26,182acres digitized

Driving Digital Strategy For Myanmar’s Leading Agrochemical Corporation

About Awba

Established in 1995, Awba is Myanmar’s largest manufacturer and distributor of agrochemicals with a focus on crop protection and crop nutrition. Today, they employ more than 1,500 agronomists to serve 3.5 million farming families. Awba’s agronomists draw upon years of trials, field experience and a profound local knowledge to develop customised solutions optimal for Myanmar’s conditions. Their mission is to provide sustainable, high-quality solutions and services to Myanmar’s farmers, and create opportunities to enrich and empower rural farming communities.

Awba Digital Agriculture Objectives

The Solution

Awba’s field team uses SmartFarm to register demo plots and capture various farm activities on the application. In the Events module of the application, they register all the farmers who attend demos, even the ones who are not a part of their network. This helps them to engage with such farmers in an efficient way and, parallelly create an opportunity to convert them to buyers through constant engagement.

Collection of plot-level data points help them in following:

  • Publish/push the impact metrics to their farmer database
  • Customize and market product related information to farmers
  • Empower farmers with latest information on upcoming events
  • Share the best farm practices to improve farmer productivity and create a mindspace for the Awba brand

Awba’s sales team uses SmartSales to identify high-and low-density sales points and for managing their dealers/distributors

  • Data organization and management on a comprehensive platform for easy access and visibility
  • Capture and categorize pain points of farmers to improve agrochemical sales
  • Track sales and benchmark performance of dealers
  • Ability to track payment history and credit limit of every dealer
  • Ability to analyse dealers on a season-to-season basis
  • Geo-tag sales points to enable visibility of high- and low-density sales points
  • Increase farmer engagement and loyalty
  • Efficient people management of 15,000 sales and farm teams

We are using SmartFarm, CropIn’s digital farming technology, to collect data (plot information, geolocation, personal details) of all the farmers we are servicing. Similarly, we are also using SmartSales, CropIn’s sales point management solution, to manage thousands of our sales channels.

Since we started working with CropIn Technology, our management efficiency has improved significantly. In certain locations, we saw major improvement in engagement between our field staff, sales channels and farmers. This has resulted in more sales lead for Awba.

Mr. Adrian Soe Myint

Myanmar Awba Group


SmartFarm SmartSales


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  • Low farmer engagement and loyalty
  • Unable to manage dealers effectively
  • Lack of right PoP knowledge among farmers

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