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Chain Focus

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Benefits for
Solution Partners

One Solution to Solve them all
Access to Subject Matter Experts
ROIs for Customer mean Profits for You
Only Solution that delivers more than 90% accuracy consistently.

Benefits for Strategic Alliance Partner

Orchestrate Large Scale Partnerships & Drive Revenues
You reap the benefits without the burden of selling
Finding a Partner for CropIn is easy. We solve for 10,000+ Crop Varieties

Benefits for Technology Partner

Offer Easy Integrations with CropIn to drive engagement
Build & Develop for CropIn to earn rewards
Signup as Implementation Partner & Drive Revenues

What do our Partners say About Us?

Our Team at Solnovation Associates has been able to work closely with CropIn teams in complete harmony, exchanging local intelligence, ideas, problem statements and solutions to serve our clients better. What we love about our partnership is the trust we have in each other and the transparency we have among us regarding leads, sales, revenues, ticket size, and commission.

CropIn treats us as a stakeholder, investor, partner, and a part of their organisation, making the association personal and profound.

A big shout out to CropIn Product & Solutions team for training us extensively on different use cases, product features, frequently asked questions, and dummy problem statements. Not only are we able to sell more confidently, but we are also able to tailor solutions offerings as per clients needs resulting in improved close rates.

We have never loved any of our partners like we love CropIn

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