Given the thin thread that our ecosystem hangs off and the vision to uplift and empower smallholder farmers, organisations must strive to drive sustainable practices and adopt agtech innovations to address the real threat of imperiled food security and realise the massive economic gains of a data-driven, sustainable agriculture. We will be extensively diving deep into:

  • Deep Focus and Analysis on Digitisation, Climate-smart Agriculture, and Food Security
  • Making Ethical Sourcing and Procurement Decisions to Build a Sustainable Value Chain

Who should watch the webinar

This webinar provides a substantial landscape of opportunities for CIO, CTO, Heads of Business, agri-leaders, decision-makers, influencers, heads of IT, Government agencies/officials, development agencies, program/project directors, leaders, NGO/CSR heads, CSR project heads, supply chain managers, procurement managers, banking and insurance executives, sustainability managers and CXOs of agribusinesses can study these entries comprehensively for factors which are important to their own discipline.

In this webinar, you’ll learn

  • Overview of various sustainability and development issues in the agroecosystem from on-ground experiences
  • Opportunities for the application of digital technologies and its impact on agricultural practice today
  • Digitisation of farms and farmers to strengthen climate change adaptation and ensure better food security
  • The challenges of smallholder farmers, and how agtech helps in socio-economic empowerment of women/youth in agriculture
  • Reducing post-harvest food loss with optimal sourcing and procurement decisions
  • Strategies to help the revival from the current disruptions to international trade and the toll on economies

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    Kunal Prasad

    Co-founder & COO
    CropIn Technology

    Ganesh Neelam

    Executive Director
    Tata Trusts CInI

    Harsh Vivek

    Program Leader for South Asia IFC

    John Logan

    Country Head, Kenya

    Priti Kumar

    Senior Agriculture Specialist World Bank

    Vanessa Adams

    Vice-President, Strategic Partnership AGRA

    Jitesh Shah

    Chief Revenue Officer