CropIn Highlighted as the Top 10 AI Startups of 2019 in Analytics Vidhya Magazine

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July 2019- CropIn has been ranked amongst the top 10 AI companies by Analytics Vidhya Magazine. This magazine’s special edition is focused on diverse AI Startups that are making big-time impacts in AgTech, Healthcare, Logistics, Fintech and other emerging industries.

Analytics Vidhya, one of the popular Indian magazines has examined the top AI companies that are bringing global revolution to the Indian technology ecosystem. CropIn is proud to be featured as one amongst the AI Startups that is revolutionizing ag industry.

“We take pride in ourselves for receiving an honorable mention in the Analytics Vidhya Magazine,” said Krishna Kumar, Founder & CEO of CropIn. 

CropIn provides AI-driven smart farming solutions to the entire agriculture value chain and helps agribusinesses/farmers to make data-driven decisions, get near real-time insights on current crop patterns, crop health, and alerts on pest infestations and diseases.

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SmartFarm Plus is an Enterprise Solution for Farm, Agronomy & Data Management offering actionable insights on farm productivity, input usage, land usage, crop health, weather, pest & disease, yield estimates, remote farm monitoring etc.



SmartRisk Is an AI-powered crop analytics platform that uses deep learning to provide risk mitigation & forecasting intelligence based on historical data, weather insights, and ground truth data captured from the field


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