4 Reasons To Explore Precision Agriculture For Crop Insurance


Precision Agriculture For Crop Insurance

4 Reasons To Explore Precision Agriculture For Crop Insurance

Technology that helps secure the future of those who feed us

The introduction of Agriculture 4.0 is bringing about a revolution in what was once considered one of the riskiest sectors for insurance because of its unpredictability and traditional ways of farming. Digital technology and Precision Agriculture are a few modern methodologies being employed to make agriculture more predictable, profitable, and sustainable. The ability to track, monitor, and manage every aspect of farming with agriculture technology now reduces the uncertainty and offers a protective cover to farmers around the world.

Rapid climate change accentuates the innate unpredictability associated with agriculture. Understandably, a vast majority of the farmers have limited access to quality crop insurance. This is where digital agriculture can make an impact. Powered with AI and Satellite-based intelligence on weather and cropping patterns that provides intelligence on ongoing and upcoming cultivation cycles, financial institutions find the right investment opportunities, and farmers get timely access to quality credit and services.

An intelligent solution that protects farmer interests and enables smarter investment decisions

About 500 million smallholder farming households globally represent about 2.5 billion people who depend on agricultural production for their livelihoods. However, 90% of them have inadequate access to crop insurance, which makes them susceptible to colossal losses in the event of flood, drought, or other devastating weather extremities. Precision agriculture allows real-time monitoring of all agricultural plots across geographies and provides a prism into the future. This gives farmers the safety net they need against uncertainty and allows insurance providers to take calculated risks while offering credit facilities and services.

Precision Agriculture


Customise your insurance products and services by region based on real-time data

Leverage regional and district-level ground and satellite data to understand what grows where and map crop regions to insurance products that are most suitable to them. Understanding the growth and yield potential by region helps you modify and innovate existing products, so your decisions are based on actual performance data.

  • Use data to understand cultivable regions and offer appropriate insurance cover
  • Regional crop and growth data for accurate assessment
  • Evaluate risk and opportunities before insuring
  • Crop health analysis
  • Water stress mapping for accurate decision making

Generate growth for farmers by giving insurance providers a better understanding of the land they are investing in.

With a digital footprint that records every contributory element to agriculture, precision agriculture increases the predictability of agriculture for food growers and insurance providers. At every stage of farming, it allows both parties to track and monitor progress without relying on a physical presence on the field. Everything from data on the seeds sown, crop acreage, and yield estimation to water stress maps by region is available for informed decision making.

  • Remote monitoring for a 360-degree coverage
  • Growth and yield forecast
  • Historical data insights on agricultural performance by region
  • Track, monitor, and analyse plots across geographies
  • Identify accurate crop signatures across crops sown against credit

SmartRisk plot Image

Understand the risks and opportunities associated with every financial decision

The biggest impact of precision agriculture is that it has opened up investment opportunities in a sector that was previously uninsurable. Precision agriculture provides insurance providers with a clear understanding of the risks associated with every financial decision and showcases its hidden potential. With complete transparency about every piece of cultivated land, both before and after cultivation, it helps insurers offer credit without worrying about potential losses.

  • Regional and district-level data and insights
  • Data-driven decision making from acquisition to recovery
  • Accurate growth and yield forecast
  • Crop water stress assessment
  • NPA, delinquencies, and collection forecast for every insured plot

Agriculture is an essential sector, but the risk of unpredictable weather conditions and unstable markets make the sector unattractive for both insurance providers and farmers. However, the infusion of advanced technologies can transform the entire landscape for the better and make it not just profitable but sustainable for all parties involved.

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