CropIn Featured in Centre for Science and Environment Publication

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April 2020 – CropIn was featured in the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)’s publication on Agro-Meteorological Advisory Services in India. The issue was an assessment that highlighted AgTech solutions in India focussed on providing sustainable smart farming solutions. CropIn was featured in the private sector category of agrometeorological advisories as a pioneer in the AgTech space.

The issue covered CropIn’s associations with the Government of Andhra Pradesh and the Government of Karnataka in providing credit risk assessments and farm digitization solutions. The issue also highlighted CropIn’s project involving the Mahalanobis National Crop Forecast Centre where it piloted a data-driven approach to optimizing crop-cutting experiments, agronomic advisories provided to four districts in Bihar and Madhya Pradesh through the World Bank funded association.

The issue covered the tremendous work CropIn has accomplished in Bihar by empowering more than 200 female resource agents to provide advisories to the farmers in their villages, and geo-tagging 4,000 plots of farmers using satellite technologies being implemented.

The Centre for Science and Environment is a public research and advisory organization based in New Delhi. It researches environmental based developmental programs and solutions that lobby for equality and sustainability.


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